Top 7 shopping destinations of India

Do you always purchase stuff off the Internet and haven’t been to a store in ages? Or worse, do you like it in that manner? If yes, then there is a lot that you are missing out on shopping. I believe traveling and shopping in India are the two most average things what we Indians really love. No affair whether we have to shop in a mall or in a crowed shopping street, we never get tired of shopping more , do we?. Just because of our addiction for the shopping, today I’ve decided to write a blog about the top 10 places for shopping in India.

7. Mysore
Rich cuisine, ornamental mansion, beauteous gardens… everything in Mysore has a laid back charm that reflects the city’s royal heritage, and shopping is no exception. From complex and reliable Mysore paintings, to vibrant silk saris and an unimaginable variety of sandalwood handicrafts, shopping in Mysore is a treat for every art supporter.

Tip: Overwhelmed by the vibrant markets, a variety of products at local shops and very cheap prices in Mysore; one has to acknowledge that not everything can be found on the Internet and that’s what makes it worth it.

6. Lucknow
Been to the Bara Imambara, British Residency, Jama Mazjid and Rumi Darwaza and sampled the delicious shami and seekh kebabs in Lucknow? You still need a day to look into the core of the city through shopping. The shopping districts in Lucknow especially Hazrat Gunj and Aminabad are entanglement that get denser and noisier as you go deeper. The smallest of shops here can shoot a line of a variety of things. In the city of Nawabs, chikankari work on fabric, itr(perfume) and delicate Jadau jewelery are absolute purchase.
Tip: A shopping spree can be especially motivating. Whether it is the need to reduce weight to buy a dress you loved but could not fit into or the feeling to try your hand at pottery on seeing a porter at a fair, shopping leaves you motivated and supercharged.

5. Hyderabad
“Pearls and pearls is all I have to take your heart away…” sang Hyderabad once and ever since then travelers to Hyderabad haven’t detected the end of who wants how many pearl sets in the family! Laad Bazaar is popular for Hyderbadi pearls and semi-precious jewelery. Besides jewelery you can buy Hyderabadi Khara dupatta, electronics and antiques from Abids and Begum Bazaar. Inorbit Mall in Hyderabad is a grand mall with hundreds of shops.
Tip: Shopping brings people closer and it says that you care for them. Think for yourself, between a candle-lit dinner and a shopping trip, what would amaze and make your lady love happier? Imagine the brownie points you earn on just remembering to pick up a watch, a pair of earrings or a box of chocolates, even on a hurried business trip.

The Pink City celebrates shopping in all its color. The famous Bapu Bazaar and Jhohari Bazaar of Jaipur are gateways to the vibrant world of Rajasthani bandhanis, elhariyas and bamtik prints. The markets are also known for their silver jewelery, lac bangles, other silverware, blue pottery and ornamental home accessories which are long-lasting, authentic and affordable. However, the more decorative you get in your choice the cheaper the prices will be. The city also organizes fairs and expos periodically to give a platform to skilled worker from far and near to showcase their talent.
Tip: Shopping in Jodhpur and Jaipur is an excellent way to burn calories as you walk around the markets you will be in love with the objects and haggling for discounts. So, remember to wear comfortable shoes and carry a water bottle while shopping around.

3. Kolkata
Kolkata is the largest shopping destination in India. Elegant handicrafts from the North-Eastern states find their way to the markets in Kolkata because of the fantastic exposure. Some of the renowned places worth visiting include Nagaland Emporium and Assam Craft Emporium . Besides these, Kolkata’s specialties are white and red-bordered saris, long-lasting leather bags, sweets and books that you can buy at The New Market and from shops at Park Street.
Tip: Shopping is an altruist endeavor and I don’t mean to support my love for shopping. In Kolkata, the bag you purchased at a craft department store can easily be traced to some corporative where tribal’s and poor women find work and earn a living.

2. Mumbai
“Mumbai” The City of Dreams is a shopaholics paradise. Flea markets, designer boutiques, malls and a number of shopping arcades providers to 12 million people every day in Mumbai! Fashion Street and Linking Road are popular for their latest fancy clothing, accessories and artifacts. Colaba Causeway and Zaveri Bazaar in South Mumbai are perfect haunts for fashionista’s and youngsters not only because of the overwhelming variety of chic and funky, but also because of plenty of food outlets where you can take little breaks in between of your shopping.
Tip: Excellent deals are definite mood-uplifter’s and stress-busters and Mumbai specializes in retail therapy. Who is to deny that a “Flat 50% Off” sign doesn’t push daily woes to the back of your mind and give you instants of pure pleasure.

1. Delhi
Delhi stands first in the list of where to shop in India, not only because you can find anything here, but also because of the experience. The colourful Dilli Haat or flea markets of Sarojini Nagar and Palika Bazaar, glitzy malls of Rajouri or Vasant Kunj, each has its own magic. From clothes, accessories and handicrafts, to electronics, automobiles and anything else; you can find it all in Delhi.
Tip: Be it bargaining in Janpat Market and Nehru Place, raiding as many as three different markets in a day , alternately indulging in high-end retail shopping or traveling in the metro to escape parking woes; shopping in Delhi teaches you to manage economy, time and taste and makes you efficient.
There you go, the top-quality shopping destinations in India with the best reasons to indulge in shopping tourism. Happy Shopping!

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