How to know whether a GP is right for you

We see patients from infants to the elderly with a wide range of problems and injuries. It might be late at night, during the day, or on weekends. For us, any time is fine—even if it’s 3 a.m. We look after people of all ages.

However, medical treatment should not be considered a substitute for seeing your regular general practitioner after hours. Many individuals are unaware of the importance of maintaining a consistent doctor throughout their life, particularly during their adulthood.

Someone who is familiar with you

A personal doctor can get to know you better. A relationship with a specialist will make you feel more at ease and allow for greater communication. The connection establishes shared knowledge, understanding, and trust.

Having a regular doctor will eliminate the need to repeat information about your medications or your medical history because your doctor will always have this critical data in his or her medical notes.

Someone who knows you

Unlike specialists, GPs are generalists. This means that they aren’t limited to one aspect of the body or a specific disease. They aren’t simply specialists, such as a paediatrician, who deal with children. A GP with significant experience can help you manage all of your physical and psychological problems simultaneously.

Treatment must be continued and coordinated.

Your GP is in charge of keeping everything organized if your issue requires the assistance of other health professionals, such as a medical specialist or a psychologist or podiatrist. This may be a referral to a medical expert, or it might be done through contact with other health care providers who recognize GPs’ crucial role.

Chronic disease management

GPs are very knowledgeable when it comes to managing chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Asthma, and Rheumatoid Arthritis, to mention a few. GPs may create a Care Plan for several chronic disorders. This has been verified to improve patient results significantly. The Care Plan technique entails you participating more actively in your disease’s treatment.

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