All You Need To Know About Phobia

A phobia is outlined as the persistent fear of a situation, activity, or thing that causes the sufferer to want to avoid it. The 3 types of phobias are social phobia – fear of public speaking, meeting new people, or other social things, agoraphobia – fear of being outside, and specific phobias – fear of particular things or situations.

Phobias are mostly untold, probably because many people suffering with phobias find their ways to avoid the situations that they fear. Phobias are fairly common, women are thought to be twice as likely to develop a phobia than men. Psychiatrist or psychologist can help you to overcome your phobias.

Some of the most common phobias are :

  1. Agoraphobia – Fear of open spaces or crowds,
  2. Coulrophobia – Fear of clowns
  3. Aerophobia – Fear of flying
  4. Ornithophobia – Fear of birds
  5. Zoophobia – Fear of animals
  6. Gamophobia – Fear of marriage
  7. Tachophobia – Fear of speed
  8. Chionophobia – Fear of snow
  9. Aichmophobia – Fear of needles or pointed objects
  10. Ophidiophobia – Fear of snakes
  11. Mysophobia – Fear of dirt and germs
  12. Autophobia – Fear of being alone
  13. Dentophobia – Fear of dentists.

Fears of midgets, long words, haunted homes, helmets, pickles, feet, and phobias of holes are simply a few unusual fears and may be considered weird or strange by some but can be just as debilitating as those phobias that are more common between peoples. Agoraphobia usually coexists with panic disorder.

What are phobia symptoms and signs?

Symptoms of phobias usually involve having a panic attack– in this they include feelings of intense fear, dread, or terror, despite understanding that those feelings are out of proportion to any real threat — additionally to physical symptoms like tremors, sweating, “mind going blank,” nausea, rapid heartbeat, trouble breathing, and an overwhelming desire to withdraw from the situation that’s causing the phobic reaction. Also, extreme measures ar sometimes taken to prevent or leave the situation.

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