Top five Paragliding Destinations in India

Wish to fly high through the air like a free bird? If so, Paragliding is the thing for you. This adventurous activity assures you with the fulfillment of your life-long dream of flying high in the air. Paragliding, today, is counted among the most popular adventure sports. If you’re searching for the best paragliding destinations, in India you’ve got popped-in the correct place. Here we discuss some breathtaking destinations in India which offer with the most effective paragliding experiences.

Here is the list of prime destinations for paragliding in India:

1. Bir billing in Himachal Pradesh

Known as the utmost paragliding destination, Bir billing is located very close to Kangra valley in Himachal Pradesh. the gorgeous place guarantees a unique paragliding experience which usually lasts for 30 minutes. Paragliding can be enjoyed in billing from March to June. Bir, on the other hand, is placed at the height of 2600 m which is known for ridge lift techniques. These 2 places are must stop and visit destinations close to the popular tourist attractions Manali and Dharamshala. apart from paragliding, tourists can also relish activities like mountain biking, trekking and camping.

2. Pavana in Maharashtra

Located on the Kamshet highway close to the Pavana dam, Pavana is a place which makes adventure lovers take back a unforgettable paragliding experience which they’re going to treasure for a lifetime. the uniqueness of the experience can be understood from the fact that when you start off, you’re taking off from the Pavana lake. soaring through the water of the lake, you set out for something which is unbelievable. Natural beauty and the climate of Pavana aren’t only reasons of people travelling to this place. There are several places around Pavana which attract tourists from everywhere. These include forts of Logagarh, Tungi and Tikona. Also, the place has picnic spots just like the Bushi Dam nearby.

3. Nandi Hills in Karnataka

The very known hill station of Bangalore, Nandi Hills is very popular paragliding destination in India. Flying freely 4581 feet above sea level is an amazing experience. Nandi Hills is also known as the hills of happiness. The Hills and valleys are also famous for other adventure sports also.

it is situated 68 kms from Bangalore, and paragliding is one among the many aero sports that you can participate in at Nandi hills.

4.Arambol Beach in province

Paragliding at Arambol Beach is actually a breathtaking experience which guarantees you an adrenaline rush. Paragliding as an adventure sport involves a great rush, as you’ll have a bird’s eye view of your scenic surroundings just sailing in the air without any support from external factors. Goa is amongst India’s favorite spots for professional gliders all over the globe. If you aren’t a trained glider, don’t worry, you’ll still glide in the company of a professional!

5. Aravalli Hills in Rajasthan

Head to the Aravalli Hills in Rajasthan if you wish to experience a truly divine paragliding experience. Rajasthan has many spots for paragliding, which you can experience once you get there. different cities like Kota, Bikaner, Jaipur and more offer paragliding opportunities.

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