Looking for a used caravan? Here are our Top 5 Tips

Looking for a caravan but you don’t have enough money to buy a brand-new van. Choose a used caravan as an alternative!

It should not be a surprise that camping and caravanning are common pastimes given the increasing number of individuals choosing to travel extensively across Australia, from young couples to seasoned travellers. Used caravans are becoming increasingly popular because new caravans may be a costly investment.

But how can you recognise a good deal when you see one?

It is imperative to look for used vehicles with lots of storage space. You can never predict when you’ll need to bring along extra food, clothing, sporting goods, or even your bike. Ideal access to this storage should be possible from both inside and outside the vehicle.

It’s easy to figure out what you need from your van by comparing the inside of the used caravan with the spaces in your home. Is it simple to operate and maintain the kitchen? Does it have every cooking tool you use, like a microwave, in it? Can you comfortably take a shower if there is a bathroom?

Make sure you examine the van’s condition in great detail. Does it seem like any damage has been repaired? Are there any indications of moisture, such as mould development or a musty odour? Do you notice any rust on the wheels or the tow hitch? Our pre-owned vehicles at Caravan Care have been carefully chosen to satisfy our high standards.

Off-the-grid capabilities:
It’s crucial to think about how your van can help you when you don’t have access to life’s basic comforts, whether you’re planning to go off-roading or are just heading to a location without power or water. Start by going through this checklist: Do you have adequate freshwater capacity onboard?

Is there enough space to store grey water?

Does the caravan already have solar panels (or does the option exist to add them)?

Future modifications:
Keep in mind that you are getting a used caravan that has been customised to fulfil someone else’s fantasy; therefore, it might not be ideal for you (but it shouldn’t be too far off the mark). Consider the van’s shortcomings and how you may address them, as well as the associated costs. Continue your search if they are too pricey, or think about getting a new van.

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