How to select the best High Chair

When Baby’s ready for a High Chair?

When Baby can sit up on his own and is eating solid food — usually between four and 6 months — it’s time to add a high chair to your kitchen decoration. Here are some questions to ask yourself before you get.

Is It easy to Use?

Whether it’s easy to get your baby in and out is the most important concern. Before you look, ask your friends if they have a high chair they love. Once you’re in a store, take a look at the chairs to find one with a tray that you can operate with one hand. look at the seat straps to see if they are easy to buckle and undo. the majority of high-chair accidents occur because parents do not use the buckle feature. using a three- or five-point harness keeps him safe because as soon as your baby figures out the way to pull himself upright, he might try it in his high chair.

Is It Comfortable?

You’ll want your baby to stay seated for a good period of your time. consider how convenient the seat is, especially if you have a big baby. is the seat well padded? Is there a footrest?

Is It easy to Clean?

Babies are notoriously untidy eaters, which means that you need to consider how easy it’s to wash up the high chair after a untidy meal. Most chairs come with a vinyl seat that can be cleaned. look at how the cushion and frame work along and picture a scenario involving applesauce and crumbs. the fewer seams and crevices, the better. A new feature in high chairs these days is a tray-within-a-tray feature, where the top tray pops out for cleanup in your sink or dishwasher. Some high chairs even go along with an extra tray so that if one is being washed, you’ve got another.

Does It Have the features You Need?

Will you keep moving your high chair around everytime, maybe pushing it to the table for meals and then back against a wall for storage? If so, hunt for a model with wheels that lock to keep the chair stationary when in use. Some high chairs fold up for storage, making it a good choice for infrequent use, like grandma’s house.

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