Brain tumor is the growth of abnormal cells that form within the brain or spinal cord. It can be proven to be dangerous as it breaks down the proper functioning of the brain.

Brain Tumors can also be primary or secondary. Tumors are often referred to as cancerous or noncancerous.

Here are 7 silent signs of a brain tumor one should know:

Cognitive Decline

A brain tumour may also affect the brain’s processing speed. If it takes longer than usual for a person to complete basic tasks, consulting a doctor is recommended. Disruption in concentration power and memory loss can be considerable sign of a brain tumour.

Hearing Problems

Brain tumours can also disturb a person’s hearing ability. Some of the unusual disturbances experienced by an individual include hearing loss and a ringing sensation in the ears.


Not all types of headaches are a sign of a brain tumour. Persistent headaches which do not react to any treatments, such as over-the-counter medication are the best indicator of a brain tumour. Also, headaches which are usually severe in the morning than in the afternoon and are accompanied by vomiting or nausea, double vision, numbness or weakness alone also indicate a brain tumour.


If an individual has a brain tumour, their right or left leg or arm may not respond the way they are used to–or at all. The person suffering may also experience clumsiness in walking along with wear out muscles and frequent loss of balance.

Speech Problems

The individuals suffering from brain tumours are seen with clear lag in speech. For example difficulty in grasping what others are saying, stuttering, or difficulty in naming objects are some of the key symptoms of a brain tumour.

Vision Loss

People facing this symptom may not be even aware of it at all. They may not even realize the difference in their visual quality until they constantly meet up with accidents because of their poor eyesight. This symptom is known as bitemporal hemianopsia.

Personality Changes

Individuals may also experience some changes in their personality. The person may become more emotional or angry, showing loss of shyness or acting overtly uninhibited. A brain tumour can change nature as well as judgment.

Other brain tumour symptoms include altered taste perception, extreme sensitivity towards heat or cold, obesity, and hand vibration. Some types of brain tumours multiply while other tumours grow gradually. Considering all these factors, a doctor can find out how soon the brain tumour treatment should start after the diagnosis is done. Timely detection, as well as a proper brain tumour treatment, can work in favour of the patient and can quicken the progress towards a tumour-free life.

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